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Christmas Cruise 2006 - Dec. 25-30, 2006 (Updated 1/10/07)
We took Cami and Abby on a cruise during Christmas.

PCA Homecoming - Oct. 14, 2006
Cami's homecoming night

Viper Owners Invitational in Las Vegas 2006 - Sept. 23-30, 2006
Susan and I drove the Viper to Las Vegas. We took a tour through Colorado along the way.

Spain 2006 - June 1-10, 2006
Susan won a trip to Spain for 10 days. Here are the pictures.

Kevin's New Hobby - updated 1/1/07
2006 Dodge Viper Coupe

Pictures of new house on Corkwood - updated 1/29/05
This is the new house we're building. This page will be updated as the building progresses.

Christmas in Texarkana 2004 (December)
Susan, Cami, and Kevin went to Texarkana on the weekend of December 18th to visit Kevin's side of the family.

Thanksgiving 2004 (November)
Susan and Kevin went to Florida to be with the Bakers for an entire week.

Houston Trip 2004 (November)
Cami and Susan went to Houston to see Jim, Mary, Tyler, and Abby.

Mother's Day (5/10/2004)
Kevin spent time with his Mom and Grandmother "Doll" in Texarkana.

Cami sleeping on the sofa (5/3/2004)

Our house was TP'd very early Sunday morning (4/25/04). We'll get them back

DFW VROC Hill Country Ride VII
April 1st through 4th 2004

11th Annual Collin County Children's Advocacy Center Teddy Bear Run, 11/09/03

Cami - 8th Grade School Picture

Leigh and Michael's New Baby update
Leigh is a very special friend of mine.  She is truly one of those gifts of friendship you receive from God.  I will always treasure our friendship and keep it true.  Thanks Leigh for being such a great friend!

I decided that she deserved a link of her own because she has been so reliable for the past 28 years at keeping all those old pictures -why?  I think she is going to blackmail me someday.  Kris and I have been the best of friends since we were 12, so I guess you know where to go to get all the poop on me!  But remember, Kris, I have it on you too! :)  "Krissy" earned her title and has never lost it!  Thanks for being a part of our family all these years, Love you girl!

Josh & Crystal's Wedding -2003
 Josh and Crystal's wedding pictures.  My nephew Josh (Sandy's son) got married to a young girl named Crystal.  They have a baby named Angelina here is the link to the baby  Josh and Crystal's new Baby

VROC Reunion 2003
This is the annual affair held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. October 1st through the 5th.

State Fair 2003
We went to the State Fair of Texas along with the Bostwick family.

The Trails of Frisco - Trailblazer Member-Guest 2003
Kevin Kirkwood as the "Guest" and Kevin as the "Member" hacked our way into middle place during this year's tournament. Actually, Kevin played pretty well. On the other hand, Kevin played pretty awful.

New Company Website - Craftlogic Software, LLC
This is a basic site, but it's a start!

Birthday spent at Schlitterbaun!

Cami & Friends - July 4th, 2003
Sparklers in the back yard.

Greg and Jenny's wedding pictures
June 28th, 2003

Jasper, AR Trip - June 13th - June 15th
A trip for two nights at The Cliff House

Easter at Prestonwood (6/6)

Ridin Harley's with My Dad (6/6)

Cami's 6th Grade Graduation (very late) (6/6)

Bandolier house (6/6)

Mom's Birthday Surprise in Florida (6/6)

Cami's Basketball Group Photos
She was the "point guard"

D.A.M.N. Big Bend Ride
May 1st - 5th 2003

DFW VROC Hill Country Ride VI
April 3rd - 6th 2003.

Family Pictures Last Updated 10/15/02

Friends Pictures Last Update: March 21, 2003
Pictures here will be added to from time to time

This is a mix of old friends, high school, jr. high school, old family pics..

Oldie Oldies
These are a mix of my really old part of the family -sorry mom and aunt Carol!! :)
There are pics in here of my great grandma Wallace, my mother and aunt when they were children and, My grandma Bentley and  my grandma and grandpa Baker - two very wonderful special people whom I wish I could have known better and longer! 

Spring Break 2003
We took Cami and her friend, Tamsyn to Taos, New Mexico for Cami's Spring Break week.  The weather was perfect even though the first day it was hard to see thru all the snow. Taos is a great, friendly little town.  We also went snowmobiling to the top of the mountains which were at apx 12000 ft.

Cruise 2003
Susan's father and mother often bring the family together and go on a trip.  This year, it was a cruise on the new Princess Cruise Line (Coral Princess). We all had a great time and wonderful memories were made.  We even saw sides of each other (Jim) that we have never seen...Unfortunately, Jodie was not able to join us this year, but she was daily in our thought! We hope you enjoy the pictures, Thank you Dad and Mom for bringing us all together and giving us these wonderful memories!

Greater Lansing Auto Auction
See pics and story....

Michigan Trip
Cami and Susan visited her parents and some friends in Michigan during their 2002 birthdays. Take a peek at the pictures....

VROC 2002 Reunion in Eureka Springs October 3rd-6th
The Vulcan Rally where we all get together and ride.

New York City Trip August 2002
Kevin's business trip to Manhattan. 170 pictures total and many of "Ground Zero."

Cami's First Game! Sept. 7th 2002
These are pictures at Texas Stadium where Cami cheered at her first official game.

Arkansas Road Trip Aug. 30th-Sept 2nd 2002
Another trip on the bike to the mountains of Arkansas.

Christmas Trip to Florida - January 2002

Our Prestonwood House (Aerial View)
Normally I wouldn't have a picture of our house on here, but a guy took these pictures from the air and I thought they were great.




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